Non-alcoholic drinks

Beverage & juices

Fresh squeezed juices

Orange, grapefruit or mix25cl4.20 €
Carrot juice25cl3.80 €
Juice mySmoothie /mango, blueberry, raspberry/ 25cl3.00 €
Juices/ for assortment please ask waiter /27.5cl2.20 €
Mineral water San Benedetto25cl2.20 €
Mineral water San Benedetto75cl4.50 €
Mineral water Borjomi 50cl3.00 €
Coca-cola, Fanta, Sprite, Ginger Ale, tonic25cl2.00 €
Kvass Piebalga33cl2.20 €
Iced tea / lemon, peach, raspberry, green tea / latvian barley malt drink /40cl 3.50 €

Hot beverage

Coffee2.20 €
Espresso/double espresso2.20/3.30
Cappuccino3.50 €
Latte3.50 €
Iced coffee /caramel, white chocolate, cannelle, amaretto/4.00 €
Cocoa3.50 €
Cherry coffee / Cherry Heering 2,5cl/4.50 €
Irish coffee /whisky 4cl/7.00 €


served in teapots

Latvian country tea /peppermint, melissa, wild raspberry leaves,wild strawberry leaves, oregano, calendula, chamomile, dropwort, clover flowers, apple leaves, birch leaves/4.00 €
Lime blossom tea4.00 €
Black tea Classic Assam4.00 €
Black tea Earl Grey Organic /light black teablend with fine flavours of Bergamot and Citrus/4.00 €
Green tea Japan Sencha4.00 €
Green tea with jasmine blossoms4.00 €
Rooibos tea Bourbon Vanilla /South African herbal tea blended with vanilla flavours and real bourbon vanilla, caffeine-free/4.00 €
Fruit tea /exquisite fruit infusion blend, very mild in taste: hibiscus, applepieces, rosehips, blackberry leaves, orange peels/4.00 €
Fruit tea Ginger&Lemon /ginger, liquorice root, lemon peel, spearmint/4.00 €
Peppermint tea4.00 €
Chamomile tea4.00 €


Our bartenders will prepare for you worldwide known cocktails or special drinks that were served in this restaurant 35 years ago.


Piebalgas Light Beer3.50/2.50 €
Miķeļa Beer /non-pasteurised, non-filtered/4.00/3.00€

Piebalga Lux beer (Latvian dark beer)4.50 €
Latvian craft beer (bottled)
Madonas non-filtered beer5.50 €
Melnais vilks (Latvian dark beer)5.50 €

Cognac & brandy

Latvian apple brandy, family winery Abavas6.00 €
Martell XO16.00 €
Courvoisier XO15.00 €
Hine Rare VSOP7.00 €
Hennessy VSOP6.50 €
Remy Martin VSOP6.50 €
Martell VSOP6.50 €
Courvoisier VSOP6.00 €
Hennessy VS5.50 €
Martell VS5.50 €
Armagnac Castarede VSOP 10YO6.50 €
Kalvadoss Boulard Grand Solage6.50 €
Calvados Busnel Vieille Reserve VSOP5.00 €
Ararat *****4.00 €
Metaxa *****4.00 €


The Dalmore 12YO Highland Single Malt Scotch9.00 €
The Isle of Jura 10YO Single Malt Scotch5.00 €
Chivas Regal5.00 €
Johnny Walker Black Label5.00 €
Jack Daniel`s4.50 €
Ballantines Finest3.50 €
Jim Beam3.50 €
Bushmills3.50 €
Jamesons3.50 €
Buffalo Trace Straight Bourbon3.50 €
Johnny Walker Red Label3.50 €


Zacapa Solera 237.50 €
Matusalem Gran Reserva Solera 155.50 €
Old Pascas 73%3.50 €
Black Magic Spiced3.50 €
Bacardi 3.20 €


Hendrick`s6.00 €
Beefeater3.50 €


Latvian vodka, family winery Abavas /apple, black currant, aronia, grape, raspberry/5.00 €
Absinth Xenta 70%4.50 €
Tequila Corralejo Reposado4.50 €
Tequila Sauza Silver/Gold3.50 €
Tequila Olmeca Silver/Gold3.50 €
Cachaca 513.00 €
Grappa Bianca Finissima4.00 €
Finlandia3.50 €
Finlandia Cranberry3.50 €
Russky Standart4.00 €
Russky Standart Platinum4.50 €
Beluga7.00 €
Ukrainian Pepper Vodka3.00 €
Riga Black Vodka3.00 €
Riga`s Black Balsam3.00 €
Riga`s Blackcurrant Balsam3.00 €


Cointreau3.00 €
Limoncello3.00 €
Jagermeister3.00 €
Frangelico3.00 €
Carolan`s 3.00 €
Bailey`s 3.00 €
Kahlua3.00 €
Bols Cherry Brandy3.00 €
Allažu Ķimelis3.00 €
Mokka /coffee liquor/3.00 €
Benedictine3.00 €

Aperitif & vermouth

Campari2.70 €
Martini (bianco, rosso, dry) 2.00 €

Dessert wines

Latvian Aronia Berry Velvet, Family Winery Abavas80ml5.50 €
Latvian Black currant dessert wine, Family Winery Abavas80ml5.00 €
Casco De La Cruz Sherry80ml4.50 €
Portwine Dow`s Trademark Finest Reserve Port80ml4.50 €

Rooster`s cocktail collection


Riga`s sparkling wine, Riga`s Black balsam, chocolate
190ml6.00 €

Blue Guard

Whisky, liquor Allažu Ķimelis, Black balsam, fruits
120ml9.00 €

Bridal Company

Liquor Mokka, brandy, cream
130ml5.60 €

Devil`s deciples

Riga`s sparkling wine, liquor Mokka, Black balsam
180ml7.50 €


Vodka, Black balsam, pickled gherkin
80ml6.00 €


Clavis Riga

Riga black balsam, rhubarb liquor, apple juice, white chocolate and pomegranate syrup
95ml6.00 €

Long Island Iced Tea

Rum, tequila, vodka, gin, Cointreau, lemon juice, cola
400ml8.50 €

Classic Mojito

Rum, Mojito syrup, lime, mint, crushed ice
400ml7.00 €

Strawberry Mojito

Rum, Mojito syrup, strawberry syrup, strawberries, lime, mint, crushed ice
400ml7.00 €

Hugo Spritz

Prosecco, mineral water, elderflower syrup
250ml6.00 €

Aperol Spritz

Aperol, Prosecco, mineral water
250ml6.00 €


Cachaca, brown sugar, lime, crushed ice
300ml6.50 €

Strawberry Daiquiri

Rum, Cointreau, strawberries
250ml7.00 €


Tequila , Cointreau, lemon juice
150ml 6.50 €

Malibu Beach

Malibu Coconut, Malibu Mango, orange juice
250ml5.50 €


Gin, Sprite, Blue Curacao syrup
250ml5.50 €

Fizzy Gin

Gin, lemon juice
225ml6.00 €

Bloody Mary

Vodka, tomato juice, spices
300ml6.00 €

Banana Colada

Rum, banana, coconut syrup, pineapple juice, ice cream
300ml6.00 €

Mai – Tai

Rum, orange juice, fruits
250ml5.50 €

Cuba Libre

Rum, cola, lime juice
270ml5.50 €

Tequila Sunrise

Tequila, orange juice,grenadine syrup
200ml5.50 €

Pina Colada

Rum, Pina Colada, pineapple juice, ice cream
225ml6.00 €

Classic Champagne

Sparkling wine, brandy, brown sugar
175ml5.50 €

Funny Champagne

Sparkling wine, Frangelico, rum
200ml6.50 €

White Russian

Vodka, coffee liquor, cream
100ml5.00 €

Black Russian

Vodka, Kahlua liquor
100ml5.50 €


Coffee liquor, Irish cream liquor, Cointreau liquor, rum 73*
55ml5.00 €

Hot alcoholic drinks

Hot Clavis Riga

Riga black balsam, rhubarb liquor, apple juice, white chocolate and pomegranate syrup
200ml7.00 €

Balsam with black currant juice

200ml5.00 €

Latvian mulled wine, Family Winery Abavas

200ml5.50 €

Hot Mango

Rum, mango juice, lime, chilli pepper, spicy syrup
200ml7.00 €

Hot Grappa

Grappa, Limoncello apple juice
200ml6.00 €

Hot Salsa

Grappa , strawberry liquor, orange juice
200ml6.00 €

Hot Tequila Sunrise

Tequila, orange juice,grenadine syrup
200ml6.00 €

Mulled Rose white wine

200ml6.00 €

Mulled white wine with fruits and honey

200ml6.00 €

Hot apple pie

Rum, apple juice, cherry and orange syrup
200ml5.00 €

Blackberry 4G

Whisky, black currant juice,caramel and cinnamon syrup
200ml5.00 €

Grog with rum

200ml5.00 €

Hot non-alcoholic drinks

Virgin Mango

Mango juice, lime, chilli pepper, spicy syrup
200ml4.50 €

Virgin Apple pie

Apple juice, passion syrup, fruits, spices
200ml3.50 €

Hot Exotico

Blackcurrant and grape juice, almond and coconut syrup, spices
200ml3.50 €