House was built in 1823

T he architect of this building is K. Felsko. Precise year when it was built is not known. First image of building is dated back to 1823. In that picture this building is shown as warehouse with four floors, with device for lifting goods in centre of it and with 2 floors in roof part. Because of gambrel roof it is considered that this building was built in beginning of 18th century. In 1892. house was rebuilt to residential building. Facade of first floor was changed - arch type windows that served as shop windows were added. In 1922. entrance to shop was reconstructed

Restaurant was opened in 1978

In the 70's there were only 22 cafes in Riga Old Town, in Pētergailis there were 24 seats. Entrance door was decorated with small window in shape of keyhole, which reminded about legend from Bible, where apostle St.Peters, in honor to whom church is named, was guarding keys to heaven. Streamlines of white vaults were creating effect of vastness and lightness. Especially attractive appearance to that time was brilliant stained glass and chairs that were coated in same way as carpet - in dark red coloring.

Menu contained only - ice-cream, cocktails, coffee and confectionery. Pētergailis had special cocktail menu. Cocktails were called in the names of historical events that took place in Riga. Most popular cocktails for women were Līgavas kapela (Bride's Chapel) and Anno 1209 with cream. Men enjoyed Zilas pilsonis (Blue citizen) that was made of whiskey, caraway liqueur, balsam, ice.

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