Special Menu

You are welcome for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Special Menu


Venison carpaccio with whole meal toast, pickled pumpkin, rucola and crumbled local goat cheese12.50 €
Seasoned pike-perch fillet from Burtnieki lake with basil cheese cream, crumbled whole meal bread,
quail egg and chicory-apple salad
12.50 €

Main course

Venison fillet from deer garden Ridini accompanied with potato-porcini puree, root vegetables, pomegranate-red wine sauce32.00 €

Our menu

Our cooks mostly use products that are grown in Latvia.

Main Menu


Local venison salad /vegan option with tofu cheese/
with Asian pear, carrot, white radish, coriander and ponzu-quince sauce
12.00 €


Salmon tartare
with avocado, rucola and lime-honey sauce
12.00 €
Potatoe Rosti
with seasoned rainbow trout, local goat cream cheese, tzatziki sauce and trout caviar
13.00 €
Beef tartare
quail egg, pickled mustard seeds with honey, potato straws and herb grilled toast
11.00 €
Butter-fried tigershrimps
with avocado and cucumber tartare, wakame and mango-chili sauce
14.50 €
Caramelized local goat cheese /vegan option with tofu cheese/
with grilled eggplant and squash, local tomato, pine nuts and basil sauce
13.00 €
Selection of meats and cheeses/2pers./ 18.50 €


Fish soup with seafood10.00 €
Beef soup with tomato, cilantro and chili9.00 €


Pasta Fettuccine
with local venison, oyster mushrooms and local hard cheese
14.00 €
Pasta Fettuccine
with zucchini,spinach,lighty roasted cherry tomato and basil pesto
14.00 €
with tigershrimps, squash, snow peas, sea grass and local hard cheese
16.00 €
Risotto squash, spinach, snow peas, lightly roasted tomatoes and hard cheese14.00 €

Main course

Glazed pork ribs with butter fried yellow beetroot
and baby carrots, fried potatoes and brandy sauce
17.00 €
Duck confit with honey roasted root vegetables, carrot puree,
kale cabbage, oyster mushrooms and port wine sauce
20.00 €
Slow cooked beef cheek
with creamy mashed potatoes, butter fried pak choi, caramelized onion and red wine sauce
23.00 €
Duck breast
with duck fat fried root vegetables, carrot puree and Riga blackcurrant balsam sauce
28.00 €
Latvian lamb fillet with pan fried potatoes, vegetables and haricot green bean bunch with bacon30.00 €
Venison fillet
from deer farm Rudini accompanied with potato - porcini puree,
root vegetables, pomegranate - red wine sauce
32.00 €
Local beef steak with scallop
duck fat fried potatoes, mushrooms, brussels sprout and red wine souce
34.00 €
Oven baked latvian catfish fillet with butter-fried spinach, tomato and carrot puree20.00 €
Oven baked salmon fillet with baked parsnip puree, butter fried yellow beetroot and broccolini20.00 €


with quince and berries
9.00 €
White chocolate fondant
with black currant ice cream
8.00 €
Chocolate fondant
with chamomile ice cream
8.00 €
Three kinds of homemade ice cream
blackcurrant, redcurrant, sea buckthorn
8.00 €
Chocolate raspberry tart with raspberry mousse9.00 €
with berry sauce
7.00 €