Special Menu

You are welcome for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Special Menu


Local venison tartar with caperberry, mustard cream cheese and rye bread toast9.90 €
Fried Baltic herring fillet with horseradish and spinach mousse, creamy tartar of smoked sprats, quial egg and cornichon8.50 €


Cream of spinach soup with sea trout fillet6.50 €

Main course

Glazed pork ribs with butter fried yellow beetroot and baby carrots, fried potatoes and brandy sauce12.00 €
Slow cooked beef cheek with creamy mashed potatoes, butter fried kale, caramelised onion and red wine sauce12.50 €
Pikeperch /zander/ fillet with, cauliflower puree and savory carrot relish13.95 €


served till 1 pm
Fried eggs with crispy bacon, tomato and toasts4.20 €
Omelette with ham, mushrooms, tomato and cheese5.20 €
Omelette with spinach, snow peas and Parmesan cheese5.20 €
Latvian pancakes with home-made cloudberry jam and maple syrup5.20 €
Fresh prepared fruit musli with nuts, honey and milk4.20 €

Our menu

Our cooks mostly use products that are grown in Latvia.

Main Menu


Assorted leaves with oven baked beetroot, latvian goat cheese, cranberries, grain mustard-honey sauce and hazelnut8.50 €
Salad with assorted leaves, duck breast,mango, cherry tomatoe and raspberry sauce8.50 €
Mango and avocado salad with shrimps and wasabi8.50 €
Smoked salmon salad with avocado, orange fillet, quail egg and Aioli sauce9.90 €
Assorted leaves and vegetable salad with seasoned sea trout, and lemon sauce 9.90 €
Caesar salad
with grilled chicken breast7.90 €
with crispy bacon7.90 €
with tigershrimps9.50 €


Sea trout tartar with avocado and arugula8.50 €
Beef tartar with quail egg, caperberry, red onion and cornichon 9.90 €
Selection of cheeses with home made jam /2pers./12.00 €
Selection of meats /2pers./
prosciutto, selection of latvian sausages, roast beef, sun-dried tomato, Kalamata olives, mushrooms, cornishons
12.00 €
Freshly prepared garlic bread3.50 €

Hot starters

Scallops with carrot and ginger puree, mango salsa and butter fried snow peas13.90 €
Butter-fried tigershrimps with lime, garlic and basil sauce12.50 €
Potatoe Rosti with seasoned sea trout, local goat cream cheese and trout caviar9.90 €
Eggplant, tomato and local goat cheese stack7.90 €


Fish soup with seafood5.80 €
Thai soup with lemongrass, coconut milk and shrimps5.50 €
Beef soup with tomato, cilantro and chili6.00 €
Country-style soup with mushrooms and chicken5.00 €


Trofie pasta with tigershrimps, squash, snow peas, sea grass and Parmesan cheese11.90 €
Pasta Fettuccine with mushrooms, ham and Parmesan cheese8.50 €
Egg noodles with Gorgonzola, fennel, slow roasted tomatoes, spinach, basil and pine nuts8.00 €
Risotto with squash, spinach, snow peas, sun dried tomato and cream cheese8.50 €

Main course

Latvian-style pork chop with green cheese cap, pan fried potatoes and wild mushroom sauce9.90 €
Fried chicken breast with mozarella and white wine fried vegetables11.00 €
Duck confit with sweet pepper, snow peas, zucchini and mango with white and black sesame12.90 €
Slowly oven baked lamb shank with celeriac – apple puree and baked tomato14.90 €
Pan roast duck breast with vegetable au gratin, caramelised apples and blackcurrant sauce16.50 €
Latvian lamb fillet with jacket potatoes, pan fried vegetables and haricot green bean bunch with bacon21.50 €
Beef steak with scallops, caramelised carrot, green beans, pan fried potatoes and pomegranate sauce21.50 €
Oven baked latvian catfish fillet with butter-fried spinach, tomato and carrot puree12.50 €
Oven baked sea trout fillet with basil pesto and sweet pepper, snow peas, zucchini with white and black sesame14.90 €


Zabaglione ice cream with hot cherry and wine sauce6.00 €
Pavlova with cranberry custard and cranberry gel6.00 €
Variation of white chocolate ice cream with three kinds of dark chocolate truffles5.50 €
Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream5.50 €
Three kinds of homemade ice cream4.90 €
Cheesecake with raspberry sauce4.20 €